a drawing discovered and why I value doodles

I was working with a student yesterday and the word “play” came up as I suggested some homework for her. She said she felt like she was wasting time just “playing.” I said play is so important; it’s where we learn so much. If I always have a clock hanging over my head that I’m checking constantly and then looking at my work, measuring…. progress? achievement? is it art yet?, then I will never fall into that work zone/dream time/ disconnect from the outside that makes for the spot where sparks fly and subconscious surprises show up. This sketch is on my studio wall, torn from a sketchbook where I was doodling and playing. A moment that feeds many future moments is here.

pen sketch of horses, 2004

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4 Responses to a drawing discovered and why I value doodles

  1. nancysmith says:

    I love the beauty of your lines. I’m wondering if you were born under the chinese zodiac sign of the horse? Or you were a horse in a former life. You are so attuned to their shape and form.

  2. Carlyle Poteat says:

    I love the drawing and what you wrote. I so agree. I’ve always loved doodling and playing, and feel exactly as you that it’s a pathway into flow, where surprises happen. It’s always been what I’ve loved most about making art, what emerges from that.

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