Clay of the Day–horse head sculpture given a fine finish

I just got the coolest email from a happy art buyer. This person bought one of my larger horse head sculptures last year at the Chatham Studio Tour.

I sculpted these horse heads from a slab, like most of my clay work. Roll it out with a rolling pin and slap it around a bit, then fold, crease, pinch and shape. These horse heads were made to sit upright…but I didn’t take it any further than that.

The client’s very clever husband did, though. He made a marble base and attached the sculpture to it. How fine is that?!

horse scupture , marble suppot added!!

Here are the other larger (10″ or so) horse heads I have in the studio:

horse heads larger, dark and light horses head, big blaze

all large horse heads

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3 Responses to Clay of the Day–horse head sculpture given a fine finish

  1. Carlyle Poteat says:

    gorgeous! I love the marble base for such a fine head!

  2. Connie M. Conway says:

    I have a couple of these, gave one to my son and I love them.

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