Mining the files for card images

I was digging through my stack of cd’s this past week, tracking down works to enter in shows. Most shows and exhibition competitions want work 2 years old and newer. My older work can still get seen, though, through greeting cards. I re-discovered some beauties I’d forgotten about. These have all sold. I’ll be sending the jpegs to Grapevine Printing in Durham for copying and then I’ll make them into cards soon.


Beeches, 50″ x 60,” acrylic on canvas


chickadees in brown

Brown Chickadees, 60″ x 48,” acrylic on canvas

Creek Life

Creek Life, 60″ x 60,” acrylic on canvas

horses and crows

Horses and Crows, 48″ x 48,” acrylic on canvas

horses in grasses

Horses in Grasses, 42″ x 42,” acrylic on canvas

horses with blazes

Horses with Blazes, 30″ x30,” acrylic on canvas

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