my work in other people’s houses–horse head and grackle

Two pieces that are a blast from the past (to me) are living large in their new digs. These pieces are from my beginning days of painting large format acrylics and taking inspiration from smaller watercolor sketches. The horse head, “Red and Tan,” was part of a series of five large horse head paintings.¬†The cards of the this series is very popular.

Red and Tan horse head, 48"-square, acrylic

Red and Tan horse head, 48″-square, acrylic

Purple Grackle on birdhouse, 48" x 24," acrylic

Purple Grackle on birdhouse, 48″ x 24,” acrylic

The grackle on the house is from my years of attending a watercolor workshop on Pawley’s Island, SC, years ago. The¬†birdhouse as a compositional structure I lifted from my friend, Ric Skees, former architect-now painter and photographer. I combined my grackle fascination with his compositional tool, the birdhouse, for a series of 24″ x 48″ acrylics.


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