Old friends

During last weekend’s field trip to Portfolio Art Gallery, I encountered a couple old friends. One is a giraffe painting of mine, a 48″ x 24″ acrylic from 10 years ago or so.

this one-giraffe painting at judith's, stepped back

The second was a watercolor by one of my great teachers. Neil Watson. I’ve written about him before in this blog. He’s been gone a few years. He probably would not like me to post one of his boat paintings. They were not what he loved doing in the end, but he sold a few and grew a small fan base around them.

neil's boats at judith's

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  1. Jason Hale says:

    Hi there,
    In googling Neil Watson’s name, I happened to find your blog. Sounds like you were close to Mr. Watson. I’m sorry for your loss. My wife and I purchased one of his watercolors many years ago, and it’s our very favorite piece of art. I wonder if you happen to know if there are any other works of his available for sale anywhere? If so, perhaps you’d be willing to email me? Many thanks for your time, and for posting the photo of his painting. – Jason

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