Vultures on a deer—the permanent collection

I love watching vultures. I respect the service they do for us. I will continue to draw and paint them when I see them. There are many sketches of scenes like this in my sketchbooks. I suspect most of these paintings will always be part of my permanent collection. So it is.

Vultures on Deer Carcass, 16" x 20," watercolor and ink

Vultures on Deer Carcass, 16″ x 20,” watercolor and ink

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2 Responses to Vultures on a deer—the permanent collection

  1. tracey says:

    I have quite an interesting history with vultures and feel they are my totem or spirit animal. I also respect the valuable service they do! Love how unique they are….
    The day Wesley graduated from high school, three vultures flew right over our car on the way to the ceremony on Andrews Store Road, so close. It felt like such a good omen to have them help us send her out into the world 🙂

    • shannon says:

      Love this story, Tracey. My mom is big vulture fan, too. It’s been a kick watching them adapt and make use of the electrical towers in Texas. They are spacious roosts for the flock. We used to have them roosting behind our house. I felt “chosen” then.

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