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Feeding Koi, 48 x 48, $1750 - SOLD


Studio news

I am working away in the "new" studio space ( built in 2012), the Art Pod. It is right next to the house, above ground, which means more light for working than I have had in all these years in the basement studio. I have 5 easels, each  holding a couple pieces in progress and smaller pieces scattered around on the floor. The walls of the Pod are the same plywood composite as the floor, so I can pop a nail up anywhere I want. I hang works in progress to get some distance from them and to get them out of my reach (otherwise, it's too easy to over-futz with a piece). 

Flowers, forests, landscapes and wild things are on my canvases. I still most often begin with big dynamic strokes of color, building layers as I go. I start more than one at at a time and keep several pieces going at the same time. Sometimes, I simply work with colors, shapes and line and don't seek to or discover a creature or face. Often, I do, though, discover something (someone) along the way that I want to paint or "pull out."  

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I paint in watercolor, too, every week in the studio and also out in the landscape. Watercolors come with me when I travel, always. There is so much to learn and love about both these mediums.  

I do my clay work  every week at the Durham Arts Council.  The sculpture informs the 2-D, and the painting shows up on my clay surfaces. It's all connected.

My Basement Gallery is open by appointment. If you want to come by and shop or see the new studio, just email me or call. You can also check out my work at the Joyful Jewel, Womancraft, and Portfolio Art Gallery. You can buy my cards at these places and also at the other venues on my venue list.